Unbanning dagga products could improve medical research, says MCC

The debate surrounding the medicinal use of marijuana (dagga) continues as plans to recognise it as a prescription drug move forward.
The use of dagga for prescribed medication will potentially be legalised in South Africa this month.
The Medical Control Council (MCC) says it will soon publish proposed guidelines on dagga production for medicinal use. Dagga is said to help with pain management for people living with cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (MS). MCC chairperson Prof Helen Rees says proper clinical trial data is needed to assess the benefits of cannabis-containing products. She says this move may open the door for quality scientific research and the growth of cannabis for medicinal purposes. We must make sure that we have the evidence to understand if cannabis-containing products work.

— Prof Helen Rees, Chairperson of the Medical Control Council

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