Canada Federal Gov will not appeal Fed Court ruling that upheld patients’ rights to grow.

The federal government will not appeal a Federal Court ruling that upheld patients’ rights to grow their own medical marijuana, Health Minister Jane Philpott announced Friday.

“The government of Canada has decided on the matter of Allard vs. Canada we will not be appealing the court’s decision. We will respect the decision of the Federal Court,” Philpott told reporters after question period.

So in the name of saving people from…

So in the name of saving people from themselves, we have fined them, jailed them, made it harder for them to find work, broken up their families — and for what? The self-styled drug warriors will never admit it, but the truth is becoming more obvious by the minute: There is no good reason for any of this government prohibition against marijuana. As a matter of fact, it is becoming clear that the government is often more dangerous to its citizens than are drugs.

Government has apparently dropped ‘gateway’ theory marijuana critics…

Government has apparently dropped ‘gateway’ theory, marijuana critics should too. Recently the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) quietly removed a report from its website, suggesting that it is finally giving up the false theories that cannabis is a “gateway drug,” or that it causes permanent brain damage or psychosis.

A Canadian company trading under the ticker WEED…

A Canadian company trading under the ticker WEED is valued at $1 billion. Marijuana is transforming into the darling of daring investors, and the nascent legal weed industry is excited about the prospects for profits.

Floridians can now apply for medical marijuana ID cards

The state of Florida has started to issue medical marijuana identification cards for patients and caregivers. The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use started the process Thursday by drafting applications and accepting completed applications for review.