Trial of the Plant – Day 1 – #TotPlant

The much-anticipated Trial of the Plant has been held down by a day due to political technicalities surrounding the live streaming of the 3-week trial.

The court proceedings were rather uneventful with Judge Natvarlal Ranchod giving The Dagga Couple’s legal team a 24hr grace period to acquire the necessary permissions to live stream their court proceedings. The verdict for this side issue will be determined on Tuesday 01 Aug, whereafter normal court proceedings will commence with the first expert witness, Dr  Donald Abrams who will be called to the stand on behalf of The Dagga Couple’s defense.

The court proceedings inside had ground to a halt, outside there were seen the attendance of anti-dagga hecklers trying to voice their concern for the youth of South Africa.

This rent-a-crowd has been roughly counted to consist of 15 individuals, right around the threshold required by the Regulation of Gatherings Act 205 of 1993 which stipulates that no more than 15 persons may gather in or on any public road for political reasons without permission to protest from the SAPS.

This boisterous crowd was allegedly paid to be there and was lead by Dereleen James who has been ever more vocal towards the day’s proceedings to rally up more support for their crusade.

They were in fine form again, proudly chanting slogans mostly along the lines of “Cannabis kills!”. The most memorable quote of the day was by far and away made by Dereleen James, leader of the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, “Our Children are dying daily because of drugs such as cannabis (dagga)” and that “there are children raping their mothers, because they are hallucinating, because they are high on cannabis (dagga).” TheHighco

Also in the court, was Gauteng MEC Nandi Mayathula who showed her support for the opposition.



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  1. Disgusting that there is small opposition to dagga but these so-called caring people do nothing for the misery that tobacco brings.
    Cigarettes kill 90 – 100 South Africans daily but these fake-protesters make a meal out of harmless dagga… Zionist-funded scum no-doubt…

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