Trial of the Plant – Day 04 Lunch Update – State like a pit bull, don’t want real evidence in court

The state has applied for the second time to have ‘irrelevant’ annexures by the expert witnessed struck from the roll saying these are out of context for the court, and for the case. Adv Willis leading the state’s legal troopers, mentioned that once the expert witness summaries have been struck out, one can see that the “Emporer Wears no Clothes”. A funny statement that when the medical professionals from the United States are sitting in court waiting their turn to deliver testimony to their evidence.

Ultimately, what the state wanted, is a Trial where The Dagga Couple has been undressed out of the science, and where the expert witnesses do not get a chance to testify with internationally acclaimed science.

After the morning’s session was disrupted again by stalling tactics to dilute the Trial’s outcome, Judge Ranchod delivered his judgment on the matter:

  1. Both applications to strike out ‘irrelevance’ evidence by 1st to 7th defendants and 8th defendant are dismissed
  2. Costs are reserved, to be determining at end of trial
  3. Judge Ranchod asked for the lawyers to attend another meeting in the chambers.

After the pit bull was removed from the jaws of science, Mohan made it clear that the relief that is sought in this court, is not to determine the legislative framework of regulating cannabis. It is not for this court to determine the how to regulate, and that FOGFA’s main aim in this Trail is to establish that the current legislature is unconstitutional.

“Unscientific and unmoralistic justifications used for centuries.” Mohan

Prohibition is outdated and compounds its effects which are seen as a racist agenda. One can get 15 years of jail minimum for using hemp material/chipboard ( made from dagga leaves) according to Drugs Act.

The Drugs Act assuming a hemp user is a dagga dealer, is against the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

Mahon summarised the state’s case as: “The govt denies there is ANY scientific evidence that shows dagga has medicinal properties.”

He goes on to state that: “If you use blunt force of the law to criminalise cannabis because of harm, then sugar, tobacco, alcohol & sky diving should be banned”. The state and Doctors for Life’s case only looks at harms of dagga and not at harms of crimalisation – such as jail sentence.

The essence of the matter are those harms found to be caused by the use of cannabis outweighed by the benefits using cannabis
Court is set to continue after lunch at 14;00

Watch the afternoon’s session live:

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