This is what a South African Cannabis License looks like

Here’s one of those very rare occasions where you can view the elusive South African Cannabis license unicorn, albeit currently extinct.

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  1. I can grow tobacco in my garden and I can kill myself and others slowly. This poisoning is deemed legal to do and up to 100 South Africans are killed daily by tobacco products,… but I need a licence to grow a harmless and hugely beneficial herb ?!?!?!
    I conclude that I have the status of a slave in a fascist company, is the VOC still running South Africa?

  2. Candice

    I can either purchase or distell alcohol in my home. Consume it and serve it to guests who are legally allowed to get so drunk that they can’t walk, drive, articulate, and if they are persuaded to overconsume they will literally die! Or they can become incredibly unreasonable, aggresive and become physically violent with others or their family on returning home. How many women and children have been brutally raped by men under the influence of alcohol?! How many women and children have been brutally killed by men under the influence of alcohol?! How many partners or wives have recieved beating at the hands of their drunk spouses?! But that’s completely legal?!? 100 000 people die each year due to alcohol related incidents?!?? And it’s completely legal?!?! Buy I’m not allowed to grow a plant and consume it for relieving anxiety, pain, depression or just to have a chilled evening with friends without dangerous alcohol!? People are allowed to smoke cigarettes until they are blue in the face and 480 000 people die each year due to smoking as well as 41 000 people due to second hand smoke?! And smoking cannabis is illegal?! This is beyond absurd. A small group of people stood outside the court making false claims that dagga kills… Why don’t they fught agaibst alcohol and tobacco?! Because they are legal even though they TRULY ARE THE KILLERS!

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