Trial of the Plant – Day 04 Lunch Update – State like a pit bull, don’t want real evidence in court

The state has applied for the second time to have ‘irrelevant’ annexures by the expert witnessed struck from the roll saying these are out of context for the court, and for the case. Adv Willis leading the state’s legal troopers, mentioned that once the expert witness summaries have been struck out, one can see that the “Emporer Wears no Clothes”. A funny statement that when the medical professionals from the United States are sitting in court waiting their turn to deliver testimony to their evidence.

Clinical Cannabis Convention to be held in 2 days in JHB

This August, Fields of Green for ALL will be hosting a Clinical Cannabis Convention in order to help consolidate our understanding of the plant and its reintegration back into society; while reconstructing ways to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms from uninformed use. #CCC2017 will be held at The Linder Auditorium, Education Campus, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg on Saturday 05 August from 09h00 to 17h00. Please scroll down for ticket info. All inquiries to

Trial of the Plant – Day 03 – State wants to strike science and experts off the roll

The 3rd day’s afternoon session was lit up when Mohan raised an extremely valid point asking: “What is the prejudice that the defendants have suffered in preparation for this matter? They had 10 months to read the annexes and if of course if something emerges during the course of the evidence, which is inadmissible or otherwise objectionable, they can object to it at that stage.” As the state is making excuses about their timelines and lack of preparation,  “Plaintiffs have really tried to get the parties together” said Mohan The state only delivered the trial bundle to the FOGFA team after the start of the Trial, and they only have had today to dissect 100’s of documents and 1000’s of pages. The state’s notion that FOGFA submitted too much evidence is purely unfound.

Trial of the Plant LIVE on SABC – Day 03 Lunch – State wants irrelevant evidence struck from the roll

Today’s court proceedings of the Trial of the Plant opened with a judgment on the broadcasting of the trial. It was announced that – A division of – has made an application to stream the Trial of the Plant and that they will be allowed to stream, providing they stick to the same conditions. With this announcement, Judge Ranchod delivered new conditions for streaming which apply to SABC / / AntFarm; that AntFarm are to provide a secure and direct link with full recording and that FOGFA can not derive financial gain from broadcasters for the feed. They also can’t display their logo on the feed.

Trial of the Plant – Day 2 – Streaming Allowed

Today’s proceedings started with the issue of broadcasting still being unresolved. Judge Natvarlal Ranchod made sure to pick the definitions of streaming/media/broadcasting apart. The respondents were clear in their message to the Judge in that they felt “FOGFA is not the media nor is it a media house”, and as such is not licensed to broadcast, nevertheless their own trial.

Trial of the Plant – Day 1 – #TotPlant

The much-anticipated Trial of the Plant has been held down by a day due to political technicalities surrounding the live streaming of the 3-week trial. The court proceedings were rather uneventful with Judge Natvarlal Ranchod giving The Dagga Couple’s legal team a 24hr grace period to acquire the necessary permissions to live stream their court proceedings. The verdict for this side issue will be determined on Tuesday 01 Aug, whereafter normal court proceedings will commence with the first expert witness, Dr  Donald Abrams who will be called to the stand on behalf of The Dagga Couple’s defense. The court proceedings inside had ground to a halt, outside there were seen the attendance of anti-dagga hecklers trying to voice their concern for the youth of South Africa. This rent-a-crowd has been roughly counted to consist of 15 individuals, right around the threshold required …

Trial of the Plant – Day 0

The start of the Trial of the Plant will commence at 11:00 AM today.  HighAlert will have Live Coverage of The Dagga Couple‘s (Myrtle Clake & Jules Stobbs) Trial of the Plant, starting Monday 31 July 2017 11:00AM. Our reporting from the court is brought to you in association with the Dagga Union of South Africa. For LIVE Push notification updates on desktop and mobile, please the link on the left menu to subscribe where you can also sign up for a daily email digest of court proceedings. Updates will also be broadcasted on See you from court!