Updated: ‘Christianview Network’ Press Release Threatens ‘Doctors for Cannabis’

We originally reported wrong that Doctors for Life was responsible for the Press Release, but in fact Christianview network who has come forth as the originator of the Press Release, has launched a scathing attack on last weekend’s Clinical Cannabis Convention by lodging a complaint with the South African Medical Association against The Dagga Couple for “their ongoing facilitation of a secret drug dealing network and promotion of ridiculous false medical claims about dagga”.

Trial of the Plant – Day 08 – Afternoon session

After lunch, Day 08 of the Trial of the Plant was riddled with obfuscation by the state’s legal troopers meddling with definitions of scientific terms. The state made sure to pick out the bad parts of existing regulation while ignoring other countries and states that have legalised the recreational or medical use of cannabis. Germany’s medical cannabis program was brought into the light where medical cannabis available for 58 conditions.

Trial of the Plant – Day 08 Lunch Update

The morning session of Day 08 of the Trial of the Plant started with the state troopers making Prof Nutt repeat certain sentences that describe the harms of cannabis, but he quickly went on to state that when used as a medicine, the risks are substantially lowered. The state went on to highlight that certain people with certain ailments are at greater risk, putting emphasis on the perceived harms of cannabis, albeit those perceived harms are less than current legal options, even medicinally.

Trial of the Plant – Day 07 – Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

Day 7 of the Trial of the Plant got entangled in the comparative harms of alcohol vs cannabis, with the state troopers not liking that at all. While Professor Nutt was interrogated about the harms of cannabis, repeatedly having to state that yes, there are harms to cannabis use, BUT, in relation to other legal drugs, it is a much safer and more rational choice.

SABC cocks up ‘Trial of the Plant’ reporting, deletes post

Last week, SABC News, one of the applicants for the Live streaming rights to the Trial of the Plant, made a horrendous mistake by mixing up Doctors for Life and The Dagga Couple in their reporting. Earlier we reported that Doctors for Life approached the High Court to request the legalisation of dagga. This is incorrect as the organisation is actually opposing the application by the ‘Dagga Couple’, Julian Stobbs and his wife. We also incorrectly stated that Doctors for Life has done research that dagga can be used to heal cancer and other chronic diseases. It is contrary to any statements released by the organisation. Oops.. The original article has been removed http://www.sabc.co.za/SABC/newsblog/index.html/a/5da345004212e324b69fbf7a6f31cc97/Case-for-legalisation-of-dagga-adjourned-until-Tuesday Google cache still available

Trial of the Plant – Day 05 Lunch Update – Court is Adjourned.

Prof David Nutt kicked off Day 05 of the Trial of the Plant with an extremely enlightening morning session detailing hard solid scientific facts in relation to the harms of drugs. Nutt, a Psychiatrist Neuropharmacologist said that “decisions on drugs are usually made by politicians, not scientists.” and that most drug policies are political motives. This makes researching the harms of drugs hard and prohibitive. “It is very hard to get data on illegal drugs- making it hard to measure the relative harms of drugs. We have to estimate it.” As a drug harm expert, Nutt is has done a great job in talking through the various aspects of drugs use and abuse and their relative harms associated with it. “If the harm of drugs leads to appropriate sanctions by governments…In some cases execution more harmful than drug use.” “Cannabis …

Trial of the Plant – Day 04 – First Expert Witness Takes the Stand

The Trial of the Plant is finally underway after 3 days has been wasted on broadcasting rights as well as the state not being happy with the volume of scientific evidence that was presented months in advance by the FOGFA legal team. The application by the state to strike out evidence, as well as expert witnesses from the roll has been denied by Judge Ranchod today, which opened the door to move on to start the trial and put expert witnesses on the stand.