Sandton, Medical Marijuana Symposium @ the low low price of R9,999.00 a ticket

Cheap and affordable medicine starts with cheap and affordable information sessions that are geared towards the general public. The general public do not have R10,000 to pay for a ‘symposium’ with inept speakers for an industry that practically doesn’t exist in South Africa, yet.

You would think at R10,000 a seat that the invitation would resemble something more professional. If this is the quality of their invitation, you can be sure to be disappointed by the quality of the speakers and presentation, even though it will be held in Sandton.

If anything, this event is merely a front to network and meet (if you can pay the coverfee) fellow wealthy and like minded individuals that want to corner the South Africa medical cannabis market and take advantage of an unregulated space. Let’s be frank, there are not really many rules and regulations happening right now and the advantage is in favour to those that can afford the price of networking and adhering to their expensive values.

The MCC should effectively be barred from speaking at events like these where the Hemp Queen aka Dr Ruth Thandeka is now moving from industrial hemp to medical cannabis. Let’s not forget the millions of Rands she has wasted on failed Hemp research in South Africa.

The problem with making things expensive is that you make it exclusive, and that’s the very reason the price is ‘justified’. If you can’t afford this fee, then there’s a sure chance that you can’t afford the Medical Cannabis license fee, or the costly prescribed operational requirements.

Why go to one of these when you can attend webinars with much more qualified speakers for free, or much less?


Download the R9,999.00 invite:

Medicinal Marijuana – Its Myths Misinformation & Mechanisms of control

Most people in South Africa are aware of the medicinal properties of marijuana, but few understand the science behind medical marijuana or what types of patients use it. This is largely because research on medical marijuana has been severely undermined and media portrayals of medical marijuana often lack a serious tone. To combat this lack of awareness Archipax Business Solutions is hosting a symposium on Medical Marijuana… Its Myths, Misinformation & Mechanisms of Control. This conference will consist of three parts. The first part will dive into the core science behind medical marijuana, followed by the emerging science and laws surrounding cannabinol (CBD) the previously ignored component of marijuana that is now taking center stage in many discussions about medical marijuana. Then ends with what consumers need to know about medical cannabis. Be part of this symposium and you will get the chance to meet, connect with, and learn from other patients, providers, activists, medical and legal professionals from around the country, and be part of our continued efforts to change domestic and international policy.


Representation from:

Medical Control Council

National Prosecuting Authority

Department of Agriculture

Department of Health

Medical Intelligencia Research Group

Dr. Marian Tupy (Urologist) Mayo Clinic, Johannesburg – Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Curtis Smith Jr. Strategic Analyst / Communication Consultant Curtis Smith is a graduate from the University of Minnesota USA with a Bachelor of Science in journalism and television production and a minor in criminal justice. He is an internationally based strategic analyst / communication consultant.

Dr. Thandeka Kunene, Founder and CEO, House of Hemp.



  1. This is such a scam by Ms Kunene. She has just attended a medical marijuana conference in Pueblo, Colorado and now clearly intends to use that knowledge that she learned to charge a fortune for. Clever on her part, but I feel sorry for all of the poor suckers who pay R10,000 to attend this when you can easily find any of this information online for free if you know how to use Google properly.

  2. Kevin MacKinnon

    I am organizing a one day conference in December covering: The plant, Endo-cannabinoid system, pharmacology of cannabinoids, ailments amenable to treatment with cannabinoids, actual drug trials and patient advocacy. All the presenters are highly qualified and International speakers. All are working in the cannabis industry in Australia.
    Kevin MacKinnon

  3. Maxine

    Thanks you this article. I was waiting for someone to pick up on the shady-ness of this conference.

    The PDF for this conference is extremely vague from topics to speakers???.. also, to say that cannabis can cure cancer and we’ll prove it at this conference is a very bold, dangerous and inaccurate statement to make in an uneducated attempt get people to attend this conference.

    I’m not buying it. I see what they’re trying to do. I think many people see what’s going on here.

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