LISTEN with Subtitles: DFL calling Prof a Nutt a ‘moron’ during tea time

Right after tea time was called on Day 09 of the Trial of the Plant, Doctors for Life lawyer said some VERY disturbing words, that was recorded.

Listen yourself…


  1. Professor Nutt is everything but a MORON, the MORON’S is with out a doubt the defense lawyers, asking the same stupid questions over and over, I hope that the Dagga Couple’s lawyers take them to task, the defendant’s are busy loosing this case,and they know it, they don’t have a leg to stand on, no scientific research, so I wonder, WHO ARE THE MORONS, YOU MAKING YOURSELVES LOOK STUPID, IDIOTS!!!

  2. Shaun Bergh

    This from the lawyer who said Madrass had many more than two studies regarding cannabis, yet could only name two and then resorted to mocking the defendant when he pointed this out. Willis was for long periods at least trying to refute the scientific basis of the evidence on a scientific basis. However, as he goes on it seems he is becoming just as petty as the state and their advocate. This is due to one reason, and one reason only: A complete and utter lack of evidence to support the continued victimization of society at large through oppressive drug laws.

  3. sagymrat

    Shameful stooping to personal innuendoes, but I suppose what else when you don’t really have a case? A pleasure listening to Prof Nutt sharing his vast knowledge and experience, despite this unacceptable behaviour from the uninvited, DFL defence (Willis).

  4. The state will lose because they are basing their case on proving harm while significantly harm from Alcohol, Tobacco, sugar, firearms and unprotected sex have not lead to their prohibition. Drug policies are clearly irrational and victimize rational people for no legitimate reason.

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