Updated: ‘Christianview Network’ Press Release Threatens ‘Doctors for Cannabis’

We originally reported wrong that Doctors for Life was responsible for the Press Release, but in fact Christianview network who has come forth as the originator of the Press Release, has launched a scathing attack on last weekend’s Clinical Cannabis Convention by lodging a complaint with the South African Medical Association against The Dagga Couple for “their ongoing facilitation of a secret drug dealing network and promotion of ridiculous false medical claims about dagga”.

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The Clinical Cannabis Convention started the day without a hitch, and the HPCSA even sent auditors to verify that the CPD points allocation at the convention deserve medical merit, though the speaker presentations and information has been cleared before hand.

Myrtle Clarke & Jules Stobbs is busy with a landmark cannabis court case unfolding in the Pretoria High court where they are facing dagga possession charges after being arrested for 1.8kg of dry cannabis flower. The Dagga Couple, as the media have dubbed them, decided to turn their case around and sue 7 state departments with the help of Schindlers Attorneys on their legal bench.

If you have been following their story for the last 7 years, then you will know by now that they have spent a copious amount of hours on this court case’s preparation and fund raising thereof. In light of all this leg work, they have secured some of the world’s most acclaimed medical cannabis experts to testify on cannabis science during their trial. Witnessing the last week’s events in court unfold, one can’t be left wondering if the state is afraid of science in court.

The state has been completely taken aback by the sheer volume of the (medically sound scientific) evidence and has for two days now contested the validity of the subject matter as well as the accreditation of the expert witnesses. The state ultimately had 10 months to peruse through all of the evidence presented (someone calculated that at 5 pages a day). Through the heads of arguments lodged in the beginning of this case, The Dagga Couple’s case was sound from the start. Nonetheless, the state was so confident in their defense, that they didn’t even bother to read through the summaries and formulate a defense. Their only tactic thus far was referencing laws and procedures to nullify expert testimony, which didn’t hold up with Judge Ranchod.

One thing that has become evidently clear, is that the state has been left with no option but to face the scientific music as Judge Ranchod did not allow TWO of their submissions to strike expert witness summaries from the roll.

The Trial of the Plant is becoming more than a bunch of hippies wanting to smoke it up when they can, and is becoming a medically sound discussion surrounding the harms and applications of cannabis while exposing the years of propaganda that was misfed to the population.

Doctors who go to the Fields of Green conference and associate with Fields of Green may get drawn into this web of illegal activity and pseudo-science, may end up with criminal records and be barred from practicing medicine.

Is that fear mongering or what? They are attending a Convention that is hosted by a professor, never the less other internationally acclaimed Doctors that publish their work in medical journals. Medical professionals that uphold the very basic fundamental principle that Doctors for Life and their supporters are needing to adopt (first do no harm) are invited to the new world of Cannabis Medicine by simply accepting that modern scientific evidence, that’s above their pay grade, will lead the way.

What Doctors for Life and their supporters do not understand, is that there are already way more Doctors for Cannabis than those that are against on the very simple principle of first do no harm, and all the effort they are spending in the court to oppose The Dagga Couple’s case, will only amplify the win at the end.

Doctors wanting to learn more about Cannabis, should not face the ridiculousness of the below press release.

*************** Christianview Network Release 04/08/2017 ***************

SAMA have suspended their accreditation, pending an audit of the convention. 


ChristianView Network has lodged complaints with the South African Medical Association (SAMA) and the State Attorney against ‘Fields of Green for All’ for their ongoing faciliation of a secret drug dealing network and promotion of ridiculous false medical claims about dagga (see attached information from the members area of their web site – see instructions below on how to access yourself).  Julian Stobbs and his partner were arrested for possesion of 1.87 kg of dagga and growing more in their home.  Since a joint requires 0.3-0.7 grams.  This is enough for the two of them to smoke one joint a day each for over eight years.  Stobbs claim today that he was fighting for his personal right to smoke is thus nonsense.  And they continue to facilitate an illegal drug sales network.

We asked the South African to withdraw their CPD accreditation of this Saturday’s cannabis convention (5 August 2017).  SAMA have suspended their accreditation, pending an audit of the convention.  Doctors attending thus have no guarantee of CPD points.  We responded that this is not adequate, because even if the information at the actual convention was medically accurate, SAMA should not associate with an organisation grossly violating the law and medical ethics.

False medical claims include:
* Cannabis cures cancer by causing cancer cells to commit suicide
* Conventional cancer treatment should be avoided, but can be done with cannabis.
* Cannabis intoxicating drug THC is as safe as breastmilk
* The high is an essential part of the healing process.
(see more detail below)

We demand the expert witnesses, Prof David Nutt and Dr Donald Abrahams flown in by Fields of Green for the trial and Cannabis Convention disassociate with these claims publicly and in court or else lose their professional credibility.


To verify, register at:
You will shortly get an email back and then you can login.
Find it in the folder:
“Health\Important patient info\read these documents first\

We request you please to urgently login to verify this before they delete the attached evidence from their site and to let us know after you have done so.


1.  False medical claims:  Fields of Green is on the closed login area of their web site making the false claim that cannabis cures cancer (document 2 attached).

“It basically makes the cancerous cell commit suicide:
Here are the 3 patents that relate to cannabis treatment for cancer:… The abstract from the 3rd one is pasted below as it is very revealing:- “This invention relates to the use of phytocannabinoids, either in an isolated form or in the form of a botanical drug substance (BDS) in the treatment of cancer. Preferably the cancer to be treated is cancer of the prostate, cancer of the breast or cancer of the colon.”

2. Encouragment to get intoxicated as part of healing (see doc 7 attached) “This “high” is very much an essential part of the healing process.it provides a mind/body interface, through bouts of deep introspection, which allows for the patient to address themselves with their own mental and/or emotional and/or spiritual and/or physical issues. The attention to all these aspects is key in holistic healing and cannabis provides for full spectrum healing of this type.”

– The above is nonsense.  Intoxication has no medical benefit.

3. False claim Cannabis THC (intoxicating drug) is as safe as breast milk (see doc 7 above) “The 2 places in nature we find concentrations of these cannabinoids, like THC and Anandamide are: 1. Cannabis and 2. Breast Milk.
So you could argue that thinking THC is in the same league as breast milk in terms of safety. ”

4. Assisting people to obtain illegal drug not authorised by any medical authority based on above false claims (attachment 1).

5.  The conference organisers are due to be on trial during the conference for posession of R500,000 worth cannabis.  That quantity cannot be for personal use. They are trying to get drug dealing legalised via a false claim this is constitutional and various false medical claims that this drug has healing benefits.

6.  In document #6 attached they say: “…Surgery, chemo and radiation should be avoided but can be used in conjunction with cannabis oil and a holistic protocol.”  So now they actively recommend against using the real cancer treatments, unless as a concession “…can be used…” in conjuction with their false cancer treatment.  Such false medical advice of avoiding real treatments can cause people to die.

6.  We have spent a week reviewing the medical literature in peer reviewed journals and could not find any credible evidence for the above claims.
Proven cannabis medical benefit is limited to only:
i. Relieving nausea during chemotherapy – for which other safer drugs are available.
ii. The CBD component assists with certain very rare conditions such as forms of childhood epilepsy. Nevertheless this component does not cause intoxication and can be extracted to assist without administering THC which causes intoxication.  This is not a general benefit to all patients.

The rest of the medical claims are false. Totally false. They are vastly overstating the benefits and understating the risks.  Much of these false claims are repeated in the media and on the internet.

These people are exploiting the desperation of terminally ill people who could better spend their money on other drugs.

7.  ‘Fields of Green for All’ are campaigning and have a lawsuit for the use of recreational and not just medical use of the drug which is medically proven harmful in multiple ways.

Doctors who go to the Fields of Green conference and associate with Fields of Green may get drawn into this web of illegal activity and pseudo-science, may end up with criminal records and be barred from practicing medicine.
They are thus advised to stay away.


*************** Christianview Network Press Release END ***************


  1. Clint

    Alchol has killed more people then cannabis and has no healing properties and yet is sold to teenagers through south Africa as young as 10 years old I can’t believe that we as people would be ok with this…..

    • Anickl

      Very much so….no record on this planet of an overdose on dope…i.e .cannabis can not kill. Thus the safest of all drugs, not to mention the healthiest food for human kind Hemp (cannabis) seeds contains 65% of the protein – globulin edistin. The body uses globulin proteins to make antibodies which attack infecting agents (antigens) that invade the body. Globulins like gamma globulin are absolutely essential to maintain a healthy immune system. They neutralize alien microorganisms and toxins.Eating hemp seeds could aid, if not heal, people suffering from immune deficiency diseases. This conclusion is supported by the fact that hemp seed was used to treat nutritional deficiencies brought on by tuberculosis, a severe nutrition blocking disease that causes the body to waste away. [Czechoslovakia Tubercular Nutritional Study, 1955] From: Hemp Line Journal, July-August 1992 –
      The cannabis plant is the most versatile plant on this planet for humankind… without a doubt .

  2. gary davies

    the question of course is do the Dagga Couple make the claim that cancer sufferers should NOT undergo surgery and chemo…..or whether the simply suggest, as Donald Abrams does, that cannabis is a very useful adjunct to the classical treatments? Simply because their files contain references to many claims this DOES NOT meant THEY, the DAGGA COUPLE, are disseminating these views. I would be curious though to have their response to the above question.

  3. “6. We have spent a week reviewing the medical literature in peer reviewed journals and could not find any credible evidence for the above claims.”

    What a crock. You have spent a week reviewing it and find no truth. You lying bastards of the worst kind. Do you work for Zuma too?

    There are over 23 000 official studies documented.

    I will testify to the fact that isolates do not achieve what the full ant does and this is currently proven and the studies available.
    No i tegrity and no clie. Tje satements you claim are loes. We can prove it!

  4. Paul

    “The rest of the medical claims are false. Totally false. They are vastly overstating the benefits and understating the risks. Much of these false claims are repeated in the media and on the internet.”

    You can’t seriously believe this, can you?! Clearly you have not been following the evidence presented in the trial!

    Christians too can benefit hugely from cannabis. And, its seems that as a resource provided by our creator/nature/god/whatever, it would be foolish not to at least look at the benefits of such a beautiful and intriguing plant. We allow man-made alcohol which is dangerous and proven to cause many deaths, yet we outlaw cannabis – a plant, which has been used safely for millennia – the facts are out there.

  5. Shaun

    I think that due to the endocannabinoid system only being discovered around 2003 that the ignorant should sit down.
    There are over 23000 certified studies but it is going to bite into pharma and the medical trade. People will be healthy though.
    For the Dr’s this is an issue.

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