DevOp: The Dagga Couple’s Petition Developer Tools + API v2.0.0

In 2013, The Dagga Couple expanded their petitioning to allow for online registrations with encryption and ID verification against the South African Home Affairs database. The online petition code has also been verified by lawyers. Christoph Stallman that specializes in web development, assisted The Dagga Couple in creating various integrations of the dagga petition for other websites to use to help rally up support for petition signatures.

You cannot be arrested for signing this petition, nor does a signature indicate that you are involved in any illegal activities.


The Dagga Couple Petition is South Africa’s longest running dagga/cannabis orientated petition, and we need it for when we get out of the courts and go into legislature. Basically, we are going to hand in the petition in a couple of years time with maybe a hundred thousand plus signatures on it, so the government knows that it’s not just us that want legalisation, it’s a broad spread of people that want legalisation. There’s been a surge in petition signatures during the course of the trial and the print media had quite a lot to do with that.” Jules Stobbs from The Dagga Couple

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A positive outcome in court does not mean that the battle is over. We need as many signatures as possible for AFTER The Trial of the Plant so that we are ready to go to parliament with strength in numbers.



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Here’s an Infographic from 2015 based on all The Dagga Couple Petition signatures collected. 

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